Bobby’s Bio:

Golf teacher, fitness instructor, and author of the highly acclaimed book on golf, “MUNIE,” Bobby Steiner has a teaching style all his own. Whether writing about the game, or appearing in person, Bobby delivers with easy-to-follow lessons for every level of player.

In addition to teaching golf, Bobby is the owner/operator of Xtreme Fitness Boot CampFour Pillars Karate, and is the spokesman for Pro Golf Tools and SalesFish.com.

Contact Bobby at bobbysteiner@bobbysteiner.com

Bobby started teaching golf full time after taking and passing the Player Ability Test (PAT) for the PGA of America in March, 1999.  In 2000 he accepted the position of Head Teaching Professional at The Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA. Bobby spent 10 winters at the Westin property, traveling to various golf destinations for the summer months. He has since taught individuals and groups through Golf Digest Schools, ESPN Golf Schools, the Troon Golf Institute, and privately all over the country. Additionally, Bobby is the creator of the Tempo Tuner Training Clinic through which thousands are trained every year at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Literary Career
Beginning in April, 2001, Bobby contributed a weekly instruction column to the Desert Sun, the Palm Springs daily paper. Soon after, his column was picked up by New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, and Virginia papers. Bobby published his book, MUNIE ~ The Jitterbug Collection in 2004.

A few words from Bobby…

“Early on in my teaching one of my training mentors said, ‘Bobby, every great teacher must have two things – style and substance. You have style, so now you need substance.’

Of course, like every beginner teacher, I wanted to prove I knew it all. And, of course, like every experienced teacher, I look back now and realize I didn’t know too much in the beginning. In fact, if it’s true I actually had “style,” it may not have been such a good thing, because it allowed me to captivate audiences with information that wasn’t necessarily helpful. Fortunately, most of my early years were spent in golf schools – ESPN, Golf Digest, Troon Institute, etc. If not for the opportunity to teach with so many experienced teachers, I would likely still be without substance.

So, what’s my philosophy? My philosophy is that I strive to imagine the lesson from the perspective of the student. Is it fun, fast paced, enlightening? Is it enjoyable? If not, how can I make it so? Golf is fun, and golf instruction should be fun, too. My goal is to help each player get what they want from the game. For some, that means simply not being intimidated by the thought of playing in front of strangers. For others, it means playing the game for a living. Teaching golf is a pretty cool job, and one I highly recommend!


Munie the Jitterbug Collection