"A Magical Golf Journey"

Author Reveals SECRETS of Award Winning Golf Book 


"...unique and brilliant!"

Roger Maltbie, 5 Time PGA Tour Winner, ESPN and NBC On-Course Analyst


  • "Magical, insightful, and fun!" - Golf Today Magazine
  • "Hands down the Golf Book of the Year!" - Golf America Magazine

Roger Maltbie - 5 Time PGA Tour Winner - ESPN On-Course Analyst

Bobby Steiner’s use of characters and storytelling as a way of teaching golf is both unique and brilliant. I can tell you, after forty five years playing this game, I’ve read numerous instructional books and they’ve all had one thing in common. They were BORING!

Of one thing I’m sure. Anybody who played golf a second time did so for one reason: because it was fun. Sifting through instructional manuals to glean knowledge about golf is about as much fun as having a root canal. I couldn’t put this book down.


Steiner’s use of characters…Jitterbug, Smiley, and the rest of the gang will take you on a wonderful journey as a golfer. You will learn the why’s and where fore’s of the game in an entertaining fashion and yes, you’ll have fun.

Sit back, enjoy the read while absorbing golf’s technical must do’s. You won’t feel like you’re being lectured, but it’s all there…everything you need to know about swinging the club and playing the game. Enjoy!

-- Roger Maltbie

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Rich Beem - 3 Time PGA Tour Winner - 2002 PGA Champion

This is how my father taught me to play golf, the way Bobby learns it from Jitterbug, Obie Vaughn, Smiley and the rest of the characters in “MUNIE.”

I've never seen a book like this and I'm betting you haven't either. It is about the fundamentals and more, learning to play and enjoy the game. Understanding it and being able to have fun with it. It is not about analyzing the golf swing to death and being a robot. Whether you're low handicapper or just figuring out which end of the club to hold, you can learn something in every chapter.

On the very first page, Jitterbug says, "A score written on a scorecard doesn't tell half the story of what actually happened on the course." On the card a bogey's a bogey. On the course it might have been a great bogey. "Munie" offers the technical fundamentals that give you the heart to hit great shots or try ones you’ll need to recover. And that's the soul of the game, knowing how to hit shots, having the confidence to try them and accepting them whether you pull them off or not.

Read on and play away.

-- Rich Beem